Export Contract Agreement

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17.2.2 Events are beyond the control of the party concerned; and 17.2.3 The risk of events is not that borne by the party concerned under this treaty. In order to create common terminology for international navigation and to minimize misunderstandings about contractual terms, the International Chamber of Commerce has developed a number of terms known as Incoterms. These are the basic terms used in international sales contracts and describe the responsibility of the seller and buyer (transfer of risk from buyer to seller). The importer is an importer who knows the effects of the terms used in a particular contract (FOB, CIF, etc.) 21.2, except by a written agreement of the parties (including e-mail) (add if article [17.4] or equivalent is included: or in accordance with Article [17.4]). Nothing in this treaty is considered a legal partnership between the contracting parties. 3.2 The contractor pays the agent, in particular according to the commission and the terms of payment provided by this contract. So – and this seems obvious, but this is sometimes overlooked – be certain that all parties to the treaty have signed it. If you work z.B through a representative, make sure the actual buyer signs the contract. The signature of the representative is not necessarily sufficient, because without the buyer`s signature, there is no written proof that the buyer owes you money.

Finally, and not least, the contract is reviewed by a lawyer familiar with the export market. The contracting authority grants the agent exclusivity, which means that he undertakes not to appoint other agents in the territory (and in the transport channels) for the duration of this contract. [Option: «7.4 The agent informs the client of any existing agreement linking the agent to any other product (or service), whether manufacturer, representative, representative or distributor, and then keeps the client informed of this activity. With respect to this company, the agent states that at the time of signing this contract, he represents (and/or manufactures, markets, sells directly or indirectly) the products (or services) listed in Calendar 3. The agent`s exercise of such activity does not in any way affect the performance of his obligations to the contracting authority under this contract.» 8.1 The agent does not solicit any order (or negotiate and enter into contracts) [delete, if necessary] outside the territory, unless the client has expressly given his consent. The export agreement provides a complete selection of the current 11 international trading conditions (called Incoterms), a complete description of each (so you can make a decision that suits you best). We also offer alternatives if you prefer to use your own. 14.2 If the agent is a natural person, this contract automatically ends with the death of the agent. 9.1 The client gives the agent the right to use trademarks, trade names or intellectual property with respect to the product (s) (s) (s) (s) (s) to exercise his rights and fulfill his obligations under this contract. – If the agent has terminated the contract, unless such a termination was caused by the violation of the client`s comment: the parties may limit the scope of the agency contract to certain categories of clients.

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