Ceta Agreement Rules Of Origin

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2. The protocol on the rules of origin and origin is applied mutatis mutandis to establish the original character of the products covered in paragraph 1 of this joint declaration. 1. In order to ensure the proper implementation of this protocol, the contracting parties assist each other, through their customs authorities, in verifying the origin of the products and the accuracy of the requests for preferential tariff treatment. A change in any other sub-position either a change in one of these subheadings, whether or not there are changes to other subheadings, provided that the value of non-native materials falling under the same sub-position as the finished product does not exceed 20% of the transaction value or factory starting price of the product. To benefit from CETA`s preferential tariff treatment, an exporter must submit a declaration of origin to the importer. An original statement may be shown on an invoice or other business document. 6. Origin control is carried out by the customs authority of the exporting party. To this end, the customs authority may, in accordance with its legislation, request documents, require supporting documents or visit the premises of an exporter or producer in order to verify the section 25 registrations and to respect the facilities used in the manufacture of the product. (11) Where the result of an original control has not been presented in accordance with paragraph 8, the customs authority may refuse preferential tariff treatment to the importing party of a commodity if it has legitimate doubts or cannot determine whether it is an origin of the product. The original statement, the text of which is reproduced below, is filled out in accordance with the footnotes. Footnotes should not be reproduced, however.

2. Any increase in the volume of original quotas is made in the first quarter of the following calendar year. The importing party notifies the export party in writing if the condition in paragraph 1 is met and, if so, the increase in the original quota and the date of application of the increase. The parties ensure that the increase in the original quota and the date on which it becomes applicable are made available to the public. 1. When, for each of the products listed in Table B.1, more than 80% of a quota of origin assigned to a product is used in a calendar year, the allocation of the original quotas is increased for the following calendar year.

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