Liberty Bank Mobile Check Deposit Services Agreement

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By downloading the new mobile bank, you can: to use one of our mobile apps, simply download your iPhone or Android app. You can also log into your online bank account and log in under the Options tab. Scroll down to the mobile bank profile and click the Manage Device button. To register, enter your liberty online bank password. Message and data rates may apply. Make an appointment with an online banking specialist> account a debit, savings and credit account that you have with us for personal, family or private use. Access to the account means your ability to access accounts and transactions and transfer money between accounts via the Internet. Please refer to the Liberty pricing plan for your accounts. You should note that depending on how you access online banking, there may be other fees. These include fees for regular current account fees and service charges; fees for internet service providers; and the purchase of financial management software. When you change your mobile phone number, you`ll need to download the Mobile app to your new mobile device.

For our mobile applications, you can see all accounts displayed in the same way as in liberty Banking Online Banking. c) transfers of deposit accounts from the savings market. Federal legislation requires us to limit the number of certain types of money market and savings account transfers, either contractually or in practice. Under these rules, you are limited to six (6) pre-authorized electronic transfers and telephone transfers – including online banking, cheques and point-of-sale transactions per month. Any transfer via online banking from your money market savings or deposit account is counted as one of the six limited transfers that are allowed to you each month. However, payments to your credit accounts with us are not charged on this limit. (iii) To ensure that your bill payments arrive on time, you must schedule your payments at least three (3) business days for electronic payments or seven (7) business days for bank projects before the payment due date. As a general rule, this gives the recipient enough time to receive and book your payment.

If you pay a single bill, you should refer to the screen payment to determine the time required for a timely payment. A payment is called an «ongoing payment» that starts at the time of planning. A payment is «processed» after the cutoff period on the expected payment date and is «processed» the next business day. If we receive your instructions after the end of our work day (Cutoff) or if the date you request a future or recurring payment is not a business day, we will process the transaction at the end of the next business day. Liberty Bank`s mobile deposit service is available through our Mobile Banking app, which allows you to provide a unique username and password every time you log in. Any item that must be deposited must be confirmed by the recipient`s signature and by the recipient`s signature and by «Only for mobile deposit.» In this way, cheques deposited via Mobile Deposit cannot be re-deposited with a Liberty Bank branch or other financial institution.

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