This Agreement May Be Terminated

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14.1 No waiver of a party to assert one of its rights under this agreement affects its ability to assert those rights or any of its other rights under this agreement. A waiver is only valid if it is written and signed by the party concerned and is expressly marked as a waiver by reference to this clause 14.1. Giving details like this can help a user understand what he/he/he should refrain from it if his account is kept in good condition. AllApp includes the above points in its termination clause in its terms of use, but also informs users that they can terminate the contract themselves at any time by closing their accounts or terminating the use of the service: breach of contract – if one of the contractors does not fulfill its contractual obligations, it is an infringement. As a result, the non-infringing party is allowed to recover its losses. 7.1 Notwithstanding other provisions of this Agreement, neither party excludes liability in the event of death or bodily harm caused by negligence, fraud or any other liability arising from or in connection with this Agreement, which cannot be excluded or limited by law. Like any legally binding contract, termination of the contract (a CGV agreement is the contract) is possible in certain circumstances. 5.7 All costs and other amounts incurred by one of the parties under this contract are fully paid without compensation, deduction or withholding that is not provided for by the laws of England and Wales, and the client is not authorized to claim loans, compensation or counter-rights to the business to justify all or part of the withholding of such an amount. All payments made to the company under this contract must be made freely and without tax deduction, unless the client is required to: subordinat such a payment to the deduction or withholding tax, in which case the amount payable by the customer (for which such a deduction or deduction is required) is increased to the extent necessary to ensure that the company receives less of any deductions or deductions equal to the amount it would have received had it not been received or if such withholding had not been applied. Impossibility of delivery – due to unpredictable and uncontrollable circumstances, it may be impossible for the parties to an agreement to perform their respective tasks. 6.3 Each party ensures that it has the full capacity and authority to conclude this agreement. Another common case of redundancy clauses is employment contracts. Here, they are used to define faults or violations that may lead to the dismissal of an employee.

Such behaviour may include inexcusable sick leave, repetitive or unsatisfactory work. It also explains the circumstances in which a worker may terminate his or her job before the notice provided by the contract. Apple`s iCloud informs users under the terms of sale that if an account is terminated, parts of the account may no longer be accessible. Apple will delete stored data even after a while, but not immediately. 11.2 This agreement may be terminated by both parties if it gives the other party the end at any time sixty days after written notification. If you have a SaaS app or other app containing user data, you should take that into account and include a policy on how that data is processed if you terminate an account. Error, fraud or misrepresentation – if the agreement does not contain all the necessary information or presents erroneous circumstances that are important to its conclusion, this constitutes a valid reason for termination.

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